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Clutch facings for drilling rigs

Clutch facing for drilling rig

Area of usage: in purpose of  torque transfer in drilling rigs of МШ 300x100, МШ 500x125, МШ 700x200, МШ 1070x200, placed in driving gears of main machineries of drilling rigs (lever hoist, rotor, pump) with maximum allowed rotating speed 25 rpm, maximum allowed t˚ of 115˚ С (not longer than 10 sec), maximum allowed t˚ 70˚ С (long-term influence), maximum allowed pressure 0,98 MPa.
Clutch facings are manufactured by hot molding of asbestos composition (code 135) to perforated metallic shoes. Each article has brand on it.

Technical features

Parameter Points of parameter
1. Brinell hardness, НВ, 10/500/30 16-25
2. Constant of friction for cast iron СЧ15 acc. to ГОСТ 1412-85 0,40-0,60
3. Linear wear for cast iron СЧ15 acc. to ГОСТ 1412-85, mm, not more than 0,15

Weight change in liquids, %, not more than,

In water

In oil М-63/10Г1

5. Breaking point of facing and shoe junction, MPa, not less than 2,0

Warranty storage period – 3 years since manufacture date.
Warranty operation period – 1 year (within the limits of storage period) if follow operation conditions

Facing Code

 Area of usage

  Geometric size

  Length, mm

  Width, mm

  Thickness, mm

4066.40.127   МШ 300×100




4066.41.1277   МШ 500×125




4066.42.127   МШ 700×200




4066.43.127   МШ 1070×200




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