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History of JSC “Zavod ATI”

Having entered the territory of JSC “Zavod ATI” one can wander for a long time among many-storied and stocky buildings and he can even lose his way in the labyrinth of passageways and thoroughfares, long streets and narrow lanes. All this together – old and new – this is Zavod ATI.

In 1911, to commemorate the 50th annual of “Russian-American Rubber Manufacture Association” the jubilee album was issued. In that album it was written that Zavod total area was about 50195 sazhens (1 sazhen is approx. 2.1 meter). In two years, based on Association asbestos plant was founded – Zavod ATI.

Engineers and owners of the plant were proud of modern technologies and equipment, foreign guests often visited the plant for experience exchange.  Since it was established Zavod ATI aimed to follow the last word of science and technique.

Zavod ATI developed swiftly, even during hard years after Revolution. In 1920s and 1930s Zavod ATI became familiar with synthetic rubber. The enterprise started working with rubbers that were made by methods of inventor of synthetic rubber academician Lebedev. The first one for the enterprise was NBR.


Synthetic rubber was widely used on Zavod ATI in asbestos rubber sheets manufacture. During the 2nd five-year plan years asbestos rubber sheets workshop was the only one of its kind in the country. Thus the production of this workshop was very important for the national economy as a whole and for the motor-car construction in particular.

During the War Zavod ATI and its employees showed their worth as heroes. Employee named Ulman was appointed to the post of battalion commander of People Territorial Army of Leningrad. Stoker Novikov, metalworker Feigin and other employees followed Ulman. Workers and specialists who stayed in circled city selflessly worked under the motto “Everything for the front, everything for the Victory!”

Zavod ATI worked out the technology and set going manufacture of asbestos reinforced cowls for extinguishing of fire-bombs. Also protection suits were sewed here from asbestos cloth painted in khaki; other orders for the front were filled.

Significant part of equipment was evacuated to the Ural to the city of Asbest. The branch of Zavod ATI was placed in one of the recreation centers. This branch began producing for the front in the beginning of 1942. Later, based on this branch, Uralsky zavod ATI was founded.

 After the Reversal of Blockade, in 2nd quarter of 1944 already started working packing workshop on Zavod ATI, in the 3rdquarter paronite workshop followed.

Zavod ATI soon became a highly mechanized enterprise. Since the first after war 5-year plan there was no one single plan, no one single matter for year or a month, that was not filled by collective of Zavod ATI. Such stability was a result of hard pedagogical work, popularization of progressive experience in science and technology which was always paid a lot of attention.

As an example of this work leaflets that told about best workers of the plant can be cited. In the year of 1955 such leaflets were dedicated to operative of rolling-mile Galtsova, stamp operator Trifonova, weaver Lenkova.

Chief engineer Polonsky made a lot for the technical politics of Zavod ATI. He began as shop foreman, then he became chief of laboratory and at least he became chief of Technical Department. In spite of not having scientific grade Polonsky was among those who organized scientific research in asbestos rubber sheets industry. Under his supervision full technical documentation and technological charts for each detail was created.

Unique developments of Zavod ATI played important role in missile and ballistic technologies in the 1960s. The country paid lots of attention to defensive capacity that time, and engineers and workers of Zavod ATI whole-heartedly worked to ensure it.

Stable development let Zavod ATI enlarge the product range. By 1970th  Zavod produced 3000 names of production.

Next technical break-through occurred in 1970-1980. Imported equipment of increased output was installed at that time. That equipment had no analogues in USSR. Engineers of Zavod ATI worked in intimate contact with colleagues from other industries. Super modern frictional and heat-insulating items ensured in-time building of famous heat-power plants and hydroelectric power stations, supported development of giants of metallurgy and petrochemical industry.

Next impulse to development of Zavod ATI was given in the end of 1980s by the program of intensification. Large sums were invested in construction and modernizing of funds.

In the history of successful development there is only one black spot – middle 1990s which are known as period of hyperinflation and non-payments. But Zavod ATI overcame this hard time with dignity.

In the end of 1990s new professional managers team started working at Zavod ATI. Under the supervision of its leader, General Director Mr. Sergey E. Vasiliev, this team succeeded in renascence of Zavod ATI. The former prestige of working at Zavod ATI was enhanced again. Enterprise established new international contacts, recommenced relations with largest Russian plants.

Zavod ATI has changed, and this is not only new buildings, engineering services, and qualified employees. Special attention is devoted to the questions of morals and immateriality, charity programs.

Collective of JSC “Zavod ATI” faces future with confidence and makes own enterprise stronger by own work.

Looking forward to long-run collaboration

Truly yours

Director-general of JSC “Zavod ATI” Sergey E. Vasiliev

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