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We produce a wide range of braking and friction, sealing and heat-insulation articles. They are used in different types of sea and river vessels, passenger and cargo motor and railway transport, and also nuclear power plants, heat stations, hydroelectric power stations. We have many consumers in Russia and abroad.


JSC “Zavod ATI” has its own testing laboratory which is certified by Gosstandard of Russia. Not only own production is tested in the laboratory, but the orders from other enterprises are also filled. Each kind of products has its own Certificate of Conformance. High quality is achieved owing to exact maintenance of technological process, which is controlled by automated control system and experienced specialists.
Availability of cargo transport, and especially of own branch line, allows us to load your items by truck, by container, by freight car or by luggage quickly and in workmanlike manner.
The quality management system of JSC "Zavod ATI" is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
Our specialists will help you to choose the product that most perfectly suits your requirements of technical features and parameters. There is a possibility of manufacturing of non-standard custom-tailored details and articles.
Flexible discount system, availability of wide range of products at warehouses allow us to collaborate with large industrial enterprises as well as with smaller firms and organizations.


Braking items: braking shoes and pads, composition shoes for breaking units of cars and trucks, buses, trolleybuses, tractors. Brake linings and brake composition shoes for railroad cars, transit vehicles, trams. Clutch facings for drilling rigs.Frictional items (friction disks and clutch facing) for friction assemblies of passenger and cargo motor transport, buses and trolleys.

Sealing (packing) items (gland packings, graphite rings, paronites) are used in chemical and petrochemical, timber and woodworking, shipbuilding and metallurgy to ensure impermeability in conditions of different aggressive areas, high temperatures and high pressure.

Heat-insulating items (asbestos millboard, cords, cloths, tubes and cases) are used in different heat and electro household and industrial devices and apparatus. JSC “Zavod ATI” not only supplyies plenty of producing works and restore stocks of goods of repairing houses, but also has a large amount of products on our warehouses.

JSC “Zavod ATI” offers industrial rubber goods (industrial rubber sheets, hoses, conveyor belts, driving belts etc.), which are used in manufacturing details for fixed connections packing, for prevention of friction between metallic surfaces, for single shock load perception when used as packings and floorings. Hoses are used as flexible tubes to deliver liquids, saturated vapor,gases, bulk materials under pressure.

Electric insulating materials (tapes, electro technical glassepoxyphenol cylinders and tubes, millboard, glass-cloth laminate, ebonite sheets, varnished cloths) are used as electric insulating materials in electric devices and apparatus.

Structural materials (PTFE, tapes, textolite, polycaproamide, PVC sheets, polypropylene sheets) are used for manufacturing details of electrotechnical, antirust, antifriction purposes; for manufacturing of chemically resistant packing construction units in machinery, instrument-making industry, chemical, radio, food industries and medicine.

JS “Zavod ATI” is ready to collaborate with enterprises and organizations of all kinds of ownership.

Managers of Commercial Department are ready to check your request and to give competitive offer in shortest possible period of time.

By choosing us as a collaborator you are acquiring the experienced and reliable partner!

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We offer to your attention a modern asbestos-free materials under its own brands: GRAFITEX, CERAMITEX, GrafMet.

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