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Rubber glue

Rubber glue 88 СА ТУ 38-105760-89

Used for glueing  rubber with metal, wood, concrete, glass, leather, texture, plastic and so on.

Articles, glueing by 88 CA glue, are used to work in air area at temperature from - 50 to +60 0С, and in fresh and sea water as well.

The glue doesn’t bring corrosion of steal and aluminium alligations. The glue keeps its features after frozing. If the glue gets thicker, it is possible to add mixture  of ethylacetate and petrol in 1:1 mass correlation into the glue.  

Kind of storage: closed and far from heating aggregates, in the places don’t accessable to children. Sediment is possible during storage.

Using method: to mix carefully before using.  The temperature should be not lower than +18 0С before using.

Glueing  surfaces need to clean by polishing skin, to chafe by solvent, to air  10-15 minutes, to spread the glue, to air 12-15 minutes, to glue for the second time and to air 7-10 minutes. To glue the surfaces, to press  compactly and to give thorough rest in 24 hours. The glue 88 СА  is explosive and fire-dangerous, toxic.

Precautionary measures:

- To utilize the glue in well conditional place;
- It is prohibited to proceed any work with open fire during glueing.
Storage period: 6 months.

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