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Gland packings

Asbestos gland packings

Gland packings are used in stuffing box seals of armature, that works in neutral and aggressive liquid and gaseous areas, also steam. Maximum allowed pressure is 4,5 MPa, temperature from -70 to +300˚. Density is not less than 0,9 g/sm3, allowed working area рН – 3-14.

Gland packings are widely used in dynamic connections seals (in some cases in static connection seals too) to ensure their impermeability. Correct selection and usage of gland packing to a great extent determine work capacity and operation reliability of equipment. Basic requirements for gland packings are as follows:

  • Gland packing must ensure high impermeability for the long-time equipment operation period;
  • Make friction force minimum in the contact zone of gland packing and moving details;
  • Be resistant to working areas;
  • Have high abrasive resistance.

The most widely used type of gland packing is wattled gland packing. More than 70% of pumps, 80%  of armature are replenished with this type of gland packing.

Gland packing differs by the materials they are made of and also by the way they are made or by their structure. These two factors both highly influence the operation qualities of packings.
All packings are based on different fibrous materials. In wattled gland packings’ manufacturing asbestos, cotton, bast and chemical fibers and threads are used.

Different kinds of stuffs and impregnations impart different properties to gland packings.

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